The Power of Community: Meet Kathleen MacDonald – Owner/Operator, Freshii Sydney

February 19, 2021

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With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Kathleen MacDonald always had a passion for entrepreneurship. As a Hospitality and Tourism Management graduate, she dove into the business community as the Owner/Operator of Freshii – Sydney. 

For Kathleen, the decision to move back to Cape Breton following university was easy. 

“After leaving the Island, I realized how great the community and support system is in Cape Breton,” says Kathleen MacDonald, Owner/Operator, Freshii – Sydney. “It just made sense for me to open a business in that environment.”

COVID-19 created new challenges for the business shortly after opening. There were periods where customers could no longer dine-in, and individuals began to work from home. Like most, Kathleen relied heavily on online ordering and delivery services. 

“Having the option for online ordering and delivery, especially throughout the pandemic, really helped us,” says Kathleen. “We changed our way of life, and CB Eats made it that much easier to adapt.”

The power of community spoke volumes to the new business owner. At a time where many are struggling, Kathleen emphasizes her appreciation for every order placed.

About Freshii 

The Freshii franchise originated in Toronto, Canada. Inspired by quick-service delis, the CEO thought that one thing missing in the market was a healthy quick service option. The franchise grew within the country and is now operating internationally.

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