Small Business Week 2021 – Who We Are

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Our Team

Click2Order began in 2015 as a software company based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Our mission is to provide restaurants with the digital solutions needed to compete in a high-tech world without breaking the bank.

In the early days, Click2Order focused on creating branded online ordering systems that integrated with restaurant websites, Facebook pages, and mobile apps. As the market changed in Cape Breton, we realized that we could do more, and so we introduced online delivery to our platform.

Starting out in Cape Breton in 2017 as CB Eats, we've since expanded across Atlantic and Western Canada. Our delivery brands now include CB Eats, Nish Eats, Truro Eats, Hali Eats, NB Eats, Island Eats, and Fort Mac Eats.

After listening to the concerns of restaurants regarding the cost associated with large delivery apps, we wanted to create a solution that was obtainable for small local restaurants. Unlike most food delivery apps that charge sometimes up to 35% in transaction fees, our fee is just a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to the support from our communities and restaurant partners, we now work with over 250 restaurant partners across Canada. When you order online pick-up and delivery using one of our Eats brands, you help save these restaurants precious dollars that can be reinvested into their small business.

This small business week, and every week, we encourage you to shop and eat locally!

Let's get your profits back!

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