Mian’s Restaurant saves over $53,000 using Click2Order delivery brand, CB Eats

June 14, 2021

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Restaurant Savings

As a long-term restaurant partner with CB Eats, Mian’s Restaurant is a true success story of how restaurants can save money using Click2Order delivery brands. In the past year alone, Mian’s Restaurant saved over $53,000 using CB Eats rather than traditional delivery apps.

For a local business, these are dollars that can be reinvested into restaurant staff, business operations, and customers, instead of large delivery companies. 

Our software allows Mian’s to reach customers across various platforms, including their own branded restaurant app and website. No matter where their customers prefer to order from, our software creates a seamless, consistent experience for the end user.  

“Click2Order restaurant software takes care of all aspects of online ordering, from customer service to menu updates, '' says Mian Qamar Ahmad, Owner & Head Chef, Mian’s Restaurant. “This allows me to step away from the ordering process and focus on what I know best—running my restaurant”.

Mian’s Restaurant is one of the many restaurants that save precious dollars by transitioning their customers from traditional delivery apps to Click2Order delivery brands. This could be you! Learn more at www.click2order.ca

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