See below for some of the most frequently asked questions about click2order
How much does it cost?
Pay-as-you-go is 5% per completed online order or take advantage of our unlimited plan for only $89/month. Contact us with any questions you may have by emailing sales@click2order.ca or call 1-902-317-1762
Is there a limit to the number of online orders our restaurant can take each month?
Never! You can process an a unlimited amount of online orders, no matter which plan you choose.
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
Absolutely not! You can cancel at anytime.
Can I change menu items or do I have to wait for click2order to do it for me?
Every restaurant has access to their own Restaurant Dashboard. You can add/change menu items, create specials and more all in real time.
What if my restaurant information changes (Hours of operation, address, menu prices, delivery zones, etc.)
Restaurants can make all of these changes and more directly from your restaurant dashboard.
How do I get my money for online orders?
Revenue collected online can be directly deposited into your bank account so you never have to wait for us to transfer it to you. Deposits can be scheduled on a daily basis.
How does a restaurant receive orders?
There are a number of options available to restaurants to best suit your needs. We recommend on of two ways:

1. Click2Order Printer: Printing terminal rings like a telephone and prints out the order and customer details. Order confirmation and pickup time is communicated using the printers keypad. Note: printer can be purchased through click2order for $199.

2. Via the web using a computer or laptop. The restaurant dashboard has an order feed that displays both an audio and visual notification for incoming orders. Restaurants can also connect their computer/laptop to a receipt printer for automatic printing.
How long does it take to get a restaurant set up?
Typically 1 - 3 days. In most cases restaurants start taking online orders in less than 24 hours.
Will click2order set up my menu or do I have to?
We take care of the full set up including inputting your restaurant's menu.
Is there a setup Fee?
Nope! Set up, including inputting your menu, is FREE!
Do you support multiple locations?
We do! You can add as many locations as you need.
What if I don’t have a website, can I still use click2order's services?
That is ok! We can connect your online ordering to your social media profile, or you can take advantage our our ultra-low cost websites for just $29/month.
What credit cards are accepted when customers order online?
Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Also visa enabled debit cards can be used.
Can customers pay in-store?
Yes! We offer both online and in-store payment options.
How much are the online credit card fees?
Click2Order connects to the payment Gateway Stripe. They typically charge 2.9% + 30 cents per completed transaction. Restaurants can negotiate directly with Stripe for volume based discounts. You can visit their website at www.stripe.com
Can I use a different online payment gateway?
Short answer - Yes. By default Stripe is the connected payment gateway. However if your restaurant currently uses a different online payment gateway, we are happy to review their documentation and assess integration of their platform.
Can I offer customers discounts, promo codes, and other specials?
Yes! Using the promo code feature, you can off a percentage or fixed amount of an online order. You can create specials to offer two for ones, discounted price on specific menu items, and more. We recently launched a new feature called Flex Delivery Pricing. This enables a restaurant to price their delivery based on both distance and the subtotal of an order.
How many menu items can we list online?
As many as you have, there is no limit.
How are you different from marketplace apps and on-demand delivery apps?
Click2order offers you a branded solution that works within your own website. Other apps redirect your customers to their website or app and charge you obscene transaction fees. A restaurant who processes 10 online orders a day will save approximately $21,000 per year using click2order vs a market place apps.
What if I need technical support?
You can email us at support@click2order.ca or call 1-902-317-1762
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