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We are committed to providing restaurants with the digital solutions needed to compete in a high tech world without breaking the bank.
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Founding Team

Matt Stewart

Co-founder & CEO

I am the grandson of a Restauranteur and the son of a small business owner. I remember growing up, watching my grandfather slice potatoes into fries - he was known for great fish and chips! My favourite part though, was sitting at the front counter and when customers came to pay they'd tip me a few pennies (thought I hit the jackpot).

Running a business is tough and every margin counts. That's why we started click2order. Marketplace apps are great, if they bring you new customers, but why pay 15-20 percent for what are already loyal customers? We wanted to give restaurants back control - with their own online ordering system. Your own branded ordering app that doesn't eat away your margins and keeps you connected with your customers. Talk with me to see if our solution is right for your restaurant!

Robert Myers

Co-founder & CTO